Emily mediates across a number of practice areas including:

Institutional Abuse

Claims arising from the maltreatment of a person (historical or recent) within a system of power such as a government or non-government organisation (ie schools, churches or orphanages).

Personal Injuries

Claims involving a physical or psychological injury caused by the negligence or carelessness of another.



Claims involving reputational harm as a result of the publication of material.

Insurance Disputes

Any Claim regarding the application of an insurance policy or that involves an insurer.

Professional Negligence

A Claim against a professional whose failure to perform to the required standard or in breach of their duty of care, has caused a loss to another.
Emily conducts mediations both online and in person, subject to client needs.

Emily charges a flat rate, inclusive of all preparation and
pre-mediation intake conferences.



per party



per party

All prices exclude GST.
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